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Dave M.    (Anxiety)

Sought treatment for anxiety & low libido, after only a few (painless) treatments, I noticed a significant
improvement in mental alertness & clarity, decreased in anxiety and increase in libido.
Thank you  Dr.Yang!

Sue F.   (Depression – Sadness – Anxiety)

I recently started acupuncture therapy with Dr. Yang for treatment for depression and I am so happy to say that I
felt relief after only one treatment.  I know depression is different for everyone.  My depression feels like
constant sadness, anxiety, hopelessness that I’ve struggled with for almost 20 years.  After different types of anti-
depressants that really only helped me for a short time, I truly believe that acupuncture therapy with Dr. Yang is
the answer for me.  I will stay committed to Dr. Yang and follow her treatment regimen to finally be free of that
dark cloud that was hanging over my head.  Dr. Yang is kind, caring and very knowledgeable in her field and I will
continue to recommend all my family & friends to her.  She is a blessing to me and my health.

Stacy    (Sleep Disorder , Anxiety and Fatigue)

I came to acupuncture on the recommendation of my mother.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but my experience has
been better then I could have ever guessed.  In just a few short weeks, I've noticed giant improvements in my
anxiety, sleep, and overall well being.  I've tried various remedies for my anxiety and fatigue and never had the
results I've been getting through acupuncture and Dr. Yang.  The Doctor and her staff have been helpful ,
friendly, and very professional.  They even helped me get rid of a cold.  I have recommended Dr. Yang to many
people so far and will continue to do so.  I look forward to my appointments and will continue them as long as I

Mao J   (Depression - Pain)

In May 2010 I picked a nerve in my neck. Severe depression was a by product of pain management by injections
and heavy medications. Doctors could not stop my 24 hour a day suffering.
After 4 weeks of treatment from Dr Yang, I have stopped all medications.Acupuncture and chiropractic care has
curtailed my pain and depression.
Thank you Dr Yang for all your care

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