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Yang Health Center
Chinese Acupuncture and Spine Care
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Traditional Chinese Medicine   (TCM)
ACUPUNCTURE: uses one-time disposable stainless needles. It is powerful, effective medicine which aids in
strengthening the immune system, and serves to prevent disease, control pain, and increase both the ability to
function, and the quality of life.

ELECTRICAL STIMULATION: through the needles opens energy conduction pathways throughout the body.

ACUPRESSURE: is the use of finger pressure instead of needling.

MOXABUSTION: is the burning of an herbal compound over the acupuncture point to infuse heat into the point to help
blood circulation and relax muscle spasm.

CUPPING: is the placement of suction cups on the skin, resulting in the movement of blood circulation.

TUI NA: is a type of Chinese medical spot massage to relieve tightness and pain in the muscles.

ORIENTAL HERBS: are very effective at strengthening and regulating the flow of energy throughout the body.

NUTRITION: programs restore balance and wellness within the body.