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Chinese Acupuncture and Spine Care
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Francise S.  (Knee Pain)

within 2 treatments,my pain was nearly gone!I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering with pains.
History:knee pain 8 years

Jeannine L.   (Knee Pain)

Several months ago I injured my knee.  I decided to wait and see if it would heal itself.  As time went on the pain
increased and I saw no options besides corrective surgery, until, on a recent trip to China I was exposed to Eastern
medicine.  I decided to give acupuncture a try.

After only 6 treatments, I am pain free.  Dr. Yang has treated me with a holistic approach of acupuncture, herbs and
exercise.  She is an incredible doctor and a wonderful person.  Thanks to her I feel better then I have in years.

JBM   (Knee Pain)

History: Knee pain 20 years
By my 4th treatment with Dr Yang,I was feeling NO knee pain and I felt very calm in spirit.

Pam  Ni  (Leg Pain)

Dr. Yang has successfully treated me for hip and leg muscle strain and inflammation.  The practice operates with
the spirit of respect, gentleness,  and caring