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Marsha B.  (Neck, Leg pain)

I have been a patient at Yang Health Center for several months and have also been treated 2 years ago. The first
time Dr. Yang treated me for an acute bronchitis problem. My ability to breath and symptoms disappeared in two
days after the treatment.  Recently I have suffered from neck and lower back pain and leg pain. During the last
three months, the acupuncture treatments have eased the pain tremendously as well as other herbal methods that
Dr. Yang uses. Dr. Yang listens to me and I look forward to treatments.

Robert M.   (Leg Pain)

I have been suffering with leg pain and discomfort for over 3 years.  I have seen a neurologist, chiropractors and
my family doctor with no results.  After 3 sessions with Dr. Yang, I have improved remarkably so that I am now able
to sleep much better without the use of pain medication.

Rong C (Foot Pain)

My feet got pain bothers me more and more, I visited Yang health center, Dr yang gave me a feet adjustment, after 3
treatments felt totally different. Pain was gone.  I can walk as long as I want.

Belinda, RN   (Knee pain and Shoulder Pain)

I am a registered nurse and was having pain in my shoulder area from chronic muscle strain.  Eventually my pain
also turned into nerve involvement which affected my left arm.  I tried many treatments including physical therapy
which didn't work for me.  I was also having knee pain so I decided to give acupuncture a try because it worked in
the past for vertigo.  After two treatments my knee pain was gone and after 5 treatments my back and shoulder pain
was 80% better and it was virtually painless!

Mark Lowe   (Neuropathy Muscle Pain)

I am a 55 year old man, who at 28 years old was stricken with muscle pain and loss of extension in my hands, arms
legs and feet.  I have been too many doctors, paid a lot of money and time.  I heard about acupuncture years ago
but was skeptical.  A lady suggested this nice doctor who is very knowledgeable in Chinese medicine and
acupuncture.  She was right, after 3 treatments I felt less pain and more range in my feet, legs and arms.  Now after
5 treatments, I am convinced and pleased to write and tell others that acupuncture works.  I wish I came to see Dr.
Yang years ago.

Yvonne Bania  (Diabetic, Leg Neuropathy)

I have been receiving acupuncture treatments for several years starting in California and now in Indianapolis with
Dr. Yang. I feel that Dr. Yang is very through in her approach. My treatment program has included herbs and
acupuncture for the treatment of pain due to diabetic neuropathy and cramping. I have felt my condition has
improved noticeably after 3 weeks of being under her care. Dr. Yang is very kind and caring person.