Pulse diagnosis
Your doctor will check twelve different variations of the pulse to understand the balance in
one’s body. Pulse diagnosis is usually combined with tongue diagnosis. This diagnostic
tool is very important in the Chinese Medicine.

Tongue diagnosis
Tongue diagnosis is a fundamental part of diagnostic tools in Chinese Medicine.  From the
shape, color and size of the tongue,  Chinese doctor can tell what the yang-yin balance is
in your body.

There are two common ways to use Maxibustion:
1. Use Moxi stick to warm the acupoint without inserting the needle.
2. Maxi cube to warm the acupuncture needle.
The Maxi is made from the herb call Mugwort.

Chinese and Western Herbs and Vitamin supplements
This will be recommended by your doctors accordingly.

Acupressure (or Trigger point therapy)
Special tools (low horn or smooth bamboo stick) are used to stimulate the acupoint without
inserting the needle.

Qi Gung or Tai-chi
This is a traditional Chinese technique and special healing art which works with the body’s
energy. It is very popular in China.
Our Services
Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine
needles to “acupoints” to unblock vital energy
flow and restore harmony to the affected.  
Sometimes electricity may be added to needles
to promote the tonification of the Acupoint.
The needle is sterile and is disposed of
properly after each use.
There are more than ten chiropractic techniques. Your Doctor can perform the Adjustments
during the acupuncture session proper alignment. Doctor Yang uses the Impulse Technology.

Cupping and Guasha
Cupping and Guasha are vacuum and scraping techniques to gently break up the lactic acid
surrounding the trigger point or tight muscle.  Some people may experience bruising and
soreness as a result.  Any bruising and soreness should go away within a few hours to a day.
We use interferential electrical stimulation, ultrasound, ice/heat therapy, etc, to loosen muscle
spasm and speed the healing of scar tissue.
Exercise (Occupational Therapy)
ligaments and prevent re-ligaments and
prevent re-injury. Your doctors can
discuss with you about proper postures
and the importance of cervical or lumbar
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