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Lani R.  (Acne and Rosacea)

For many years (most of my adult life) I have suffered from acne and rosacea.  The rosacea was just about out of
control.  I suffered from chronic and severe breakouts, mainly on my chin.  One day I was at my chiropractors
office and in desperation asked him if he thought acupuncture would help the rosacea.  He said he definitely
thought it would.  
I called your office the next day and made an appointment for Friday, January 21, 2011.  The day after my first
treatment I could see a difference in my complexion; it was not nearly as red as it had been.  Since that first visit
the changes have been amazing!  The redness is just about gone and I have not had an outbreak since my first
visit!  My energy levels have picked up and I am sleeping SO much better than before.
When I was in a week ago I had a cold with a dry cough that really kept me up at night.  You inserted a couple of
extra needles that day and told me to put an extra patch on each foot just below my ankle.  My cough stopped
that day!  I could not believe it!
My husband and my friends have all commented on how much better my face looks.  Not only has the redness
gone and the breakouts have virtually stopped but my skin looks so much softer and smoother!
 I am SO thankful to have found you.  I was desperate!  You have taken such good care of me and your staff is
so nice and so polite.
I look forward to my visits!  Thank You So Much!

Ayrike  (Chronic Hives)

   I got acupuncture for chronic hives 2 years. After one treatment 80% better. I seen results. I came back for
another treatment because it was so relaxing. I would recommend acupuncture to anybody experiencing any
kind of skin problem.