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Nancy S.   (Depression, Hands, Knees, and Feet Pain)

I have had a wonderful experience. It was quite surprised with the outcome after my first appointment with whole
body acupuncture. My chronic pain in my hands, knees, and feet has stopped. I have more energy and slept
through the night. I felt my depression is better. I have lost 6 pounds in the first week. Many thanks to Dr. Yang for
her professionalism and patience explaining this procedure for me. I have recommended this to several people
that I work with and also to my sisters. I would recommend this to anyone. I am looking forward to returning for my
whole body treatment again and my continued weight treatment. Again, thank you Dr. Yang for your knowledge and

Diana R.
(Anxiety, Stress, Low energy, Trouble Sleeping, Hypertension)

Dear Dr Yang:
Just wanted to let you know how much better I feel after several treatments over the past 6 weeks. When I came to
you, I was experiencing anxiety, restlessness and very low energy. After working all day, I was totally wiped out. I
even had trouble sleeping which made matters worse.

Thus far, I am very pleased with the treatment regimen that you’ve prescribed and recognize some much needed
improvement in my overall feeling of well being. I am a lot more energetic coupled with certain calmness. I am able
to complete my work day and also enjoy my evenings. I have also noticed that I’m sleeping much better.
Thank you for your dedication to me and my treatment. You Are so refreshing and it’s obvious that you are devoted
to your patients.

Angela H.   
(Infertility, Depression, Allergy, Headache, and Low Energy)

I started seeing Dr. Yang in 2000 because I'd heard that acupuncture could help with infertility. I have had female
problems since puberty and was having problems conceiving. Shortly after I started treatment, I noticed that other
problems started to disappear.

I had irritable bowel syndrome my whole life, and it was now gone. I was very high strung and nervous, depressed,
and those feelings and behaviors went away. I had allergies for years and with acupuncture and herbal treatment
they too were gone. People noticed a difference in me at work and I had never physically felt better. After 4 months
of treatment, I became pregnant with my first child. I received treatment throughout my pregnancy and afterwards
for thrush and hormonal imbalances. Now I have three kids. I have gone to Dr. Yang for everything form colds to
back pain and have always gotten relief. Dr. Yang knows my body and has always taken time to get to know me as a
person as well. She looks at me as a whole being and targets her treatment based on that knowledge. My children
have even gone to her for “patches” and prefer seeing her to any other doctor because they feel better from her
care. I consider her my primary physician. My husband is now starting treatment because western methods for
insomnia and other issues have failed. I cannot say enough about how Dr. Yang has positively influenced my life as
a whole and that of my family. She is a treasure.

Jeralee C.  (Depression – Sinus)

Acupuncture helped me feel 80% better than I have felt in years