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Thelma A.  (Trigeminal Neuralgia)

I have had eight treatments and the pain has diminished quite a lot.  I can now talk and eat without unbearable
pain.   Hope to continue with treatments until I'm completely pain free.

Ameter B.  (Trigeminal Neuralgia)

I had pain for a couple of years and no doctor could find something that helped.  I saw an ear, nose and throat
specialist, my dentist, my primary care doctor and nothing helped.  A young friend told me about Dr. Yang and I
have finally found relief from the pain.  My mind is much better, back to normal.  I have more energy and have my
sense of humor back and also my sense of caring.  I have great hope that I’m well on the road to complete

Gordon W.   (Neuropathy and RLS)

I have neuropathy of the feet and lower legs,I also suffer from RLS.  My feet and knee have much improved after
five acupuncture treatments. My restless legs don't bother me as much. I hope for further improvement with
more treatments.
Medical history: neuropathy, DM, 7 years sever pain in big toe.