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Julie W.   (Gall Bladder)

After being urged to get my gall bladder taken out by my doctor, I decided to try acupuncture first and after just 4
treatments the bloated feeling I had and the heaviness in my right upper abdomen is gone and I have passed
several sand like stones.  I am very optimistic that I will be able to keep my gall bladder because of acupuncture
and diet changes.

Eric A.    (Gall Stones, Low Energy)

I was having problems with my energy, psoriasis, and a right upper abdomen pain that I thought might be a
gallstone.  I wanted to find relief without a lot invasive procedures.  I had considered Traditional Chinese Medicine
because I had lived in Asia while serving in the military.  That experience opened me up to new possibilities and I
had listened to stories of remarkable recoveries.  I admit I was a little afraid of needles but wanted to go anyway.  
After the first week of treatment I noticed a remarkable improvement; my psoriasis started to disappear, there was
no more pain in my right side, and I had more energy than I had in the last 20 years!  I even noticed that my food
started to taste better!  I still continue my treatments after realizing that the needles didn't hurt that bad and I find
myself actually looking forward to them!