It was wonderful! Dr. Yang and her staff always make me feel comfortable. She asks if there are questions and makes time for them. Plus I now have no pain. They are wonderful!

Severe pain relief
I was in severe pain. Vertebra had arthritis and spurs pressing on sciatic nerve. I was supposed to go to neurologist and get injection of steroid for pain. I am almost completely out of pain. Dr Yang is kind, gentle, and very patient. I am so thankful I did not want steroid injected in me.

 Fertility or hormonal issues
Dr. Yang and her staff are truly the best acupuncturist I've been to. She helped me during my entire pregnancy, before and after. I'm amazed at how precise her treatments are and how truly caring Dr. Yang is. We moved here from Colorado and feel so grateful to have found Yang health center for my whole family!

Jaw joint pain
My jaw joint area was quite painful after a dental appointment.  Dr. Yang could take me quickly for my first visit about this problem, and over some weeks reduced this pain and eventually helped get rid of it. She has a good, caring manner and is very efficient in placing the needles. Her staff helped with cupping as a supplemental treatment.

Joint pain
Despite numerous visits to other doctors, including a Board Certified Rheumatologist, I was not able to find anyone who could treat my joint pain - other than prescribing NSAIDs to mask the pain.  After a few weeks of appointments with Dr Yang, I had noticeable improvement.  Continued treatment resulted in substantial decrease in my pain, and I no sometimes go weeks without any pain.  After years of struggling with pain, I can't explain how much Dr. Yang has improved my quality of life!
Dr. Yang is fantastic, and I come back for "tune-ups" to keep my problems at bay. The process of acupuncture, for those not familiar with it, is fairly straightforward and not generally painful.  Dr. Yang will tell you want to expect before she gets to work, and she is very skilled and works quickly.  I wouldn't let this keep you away; it just may surprise you on your first visit.  I've not had any problems with the space on any of my appointments, and I'd highly recommend this practice if you are considering acupuncture.

Knee pain
WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!!! DR YANG AND HER ASSISTANTS RUBY AND MIA ARE WONDERFUL-VERY VERY NICE AND PROFESSIONAL-THEY MAKE YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE AND THE TREATMENT WORKS- DR YANG IS VERY SKILLED IN HER PROFESSION-I BROUGHT MY HUSBAND AFTER MY FIRST TREATMENT AND WE ARE WELL ON OUR WAY TO BEING PAIN FREE VERY SOON---SHE WILL GET LOTS OF REFFERALS FROM US. Great!!!  We are almost pain free-- my right side is almost pain free as well as my knee. My left shoulder has still has some pain, on a scale from 1-10 it's about a 2 sometimes a 1-- it's such a wonderful thing to be pain free after so long of chronic pain. Dr Yang and her staff are very warm and caring they ask about your comfort level at all times during the treatment process and they're professional at all times.  The office is very clean, comfortable ,relaxing and serene -the music will relax your spirit so you can get the best out of your treatment---  We could not imagine going anywhere else--- I have not had any more knee pain since my last 2 treatments.
My husband Darryl's shoulder is getting better and better his range of motion improves every time he has a treatment and the pain diminishes as well.
Acupuncture is a wonderful alternative medicine- and we're both so glad we are able to reap the benefits of it by coming to Dr Yang for treatment.

 Sleep issue
I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Yang as I was desperate to find an answer to my sleeping problems.  I found her to be a very caring and professional person.  I was surprised how much my general energy level improved after the first appointment and continued to improve through subsequent appointments.  While working on my sleep issues, she has treated my hip pain through cupping.  I haven't known such relief for a long time.  Exercising is more comfortable for me and I have found it easier to lose weight.  The quality of my sleep has improved tremendously.  Her treatment has been a true blessing for me and I wished I would have seen her years ago.

Neck & Shoulder Pain
I have seen Dr. Yang several times for different issues. She has a wonderful bedside manner and really cares about your experience. Her staff is very nice, too. I have had multiple back, neck and shoulder issues. Her acupuncture and cupping treatments have been very helpful, allowing me to not only feel better, but do that without any medication. 
Dr Yang always makes sure you are comfortable during the appointment and she always listens to what you need so that you get the best treatment for your needs.I will continue to see her - great alternative to traditional medicine.

After several treatments my insomnia improved significantly. 

Went for about two weeks following a concussion (4 weeks post concussion was still having headaches, memory issues, low energy) Was told by neurologist that symptoms would subside in 4-6 weeks. Can't say for sure that acupuncture was why things got better but felt good to be trying "something" and staff very kind. Relaxing, peaceful environment. Headaches declined, energy improved as did memory.

Pain management
I visit the Yang Health Center Chinese Acupuncture Dr. Yang, for acupuncture treatment for pain. She was great! I had some leg issues and some shoulder pain and she used acupuncture to treat both of those at the same time. I would definitely recommend her again in the future, she is a nice lady, she is great, seek treatment without traditional drug therapy.

Specific needs
I found her from word of mouth among trusted health advisors & friends…her name came up multiple times over the years as a good all-round acupuncturist and I figured it was time for me to go talk to her about her services & interview her to see if Dr. Yang & I would be a good fit for my specific needs. (I had been seeing another acupuncturist in Carmel who only specializes in "Reproductive Acupuncture" for over a year with NO results. And it was expensive.) 
It went great! And I continue to use her services. Dr. Yang is gifted at her practice. The office environment is basic, but if you are serious about getting help through acupuncture, you overlook this because this is about effective treatment & not aesthetics (I made this mistake myself with the first place I wasted a year going to). At our first meeting, I discovered that her native language is Mandarin (Chinese) and English is her second language. Communication took a little extra effort, but was worth it. She explained how Chinese acupuncture can balance and restore energy so that your body's own processes work as they should. She was even able to tell me how many months I would need to have treatments to have acupuncture fully work. Well, she is so good, that what she said came true! I became pregnant through natural means in a fairly short amount of time.

 Sleep issues
I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Yang 5 months ago as I was desperate to find an answer to my sleeping problems.  I found her to be a very caring and professional person. I was surprised how much my  general energy level improved after the first appointment and continued to improve through subsequent appointments.  While working on my sleep issues, she has treated my hip pain through cupping.  I haven't known such relief for a long time.   Exercising is more comfortable for me and I have found it easier to lose weight.  The quality of my sleep has improved tremendously.  Her treatment has been a true blessing for me and I wish I would have seen her years ago.

Sore elbow
This was a follow-up visit to continue acupuncture treatment for a sore elbow from an old tendonitis injury. I have been going to Dr. Yang over a period of about two months, starting at 2-week intervals, then weekly. It was easy to get an appointment with Dr. Yang. I was referred to her by a friend. During my first visit, Dr. Yang asked many questions to get a holistic picture of my health, not just focusing on the immediate injury issue. I found that approach consistent with my past experiences with other practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. She demonstrates a very caring attitude. In each visit, Dr. Yang is very punctual, gets the acupuncture treatment started quickly, and comes around a few times during my treatment time to check on me and make sure I'm comfortable. The rooms are clean. Her office staff and assistants are very kind and knowledgeable, making me feel at ease, which helps the effectiveness of the treatment. I've had both cupping and electro-stimulation treatment as well. She is able to vary the treatment course as my recovery has progressed. This being an old injury, I was aware that the treatment would require time and a few visits. I feel that her help has been effective in reducing the pain and increasing my range of motion.

Wrist Pain
I have been really pleased with her so far. I started going there at October and it is still on going. I have been going there a couple of times a week for an issue with my wrist. She is very diligent about finding out about your history and your problem. She is good at explaining what she is going to do. So far, I am almost cured. She has really helped with the tendonitis in my wrist.

arthritis in my thumb joints
I have arthritis in my thumb joints and had pain in my lower back. She relieved my lower back pain right away. The pain in my thumb joints has been more stubborn. I would definitely go back to her though.

Sciatic nerve 
I was in great pain from a sciatic nerve problem. Dr. Yang  explained that she would treat me with acupuncture and  cupping. After three treatments, my severe pain was virtually eliminated.....without  dangerous drugs and/or procedures.

Multiple health challenges
I was having multiple health challenges when I decided to go see Dr. Yang. From the moment you call, you feel like you are in loving hands. They are always able and willing to fit you into the schedule. Once Dr. Yang walks in, you can feel the love that he offers his patients. The first thing that impressed me was his hands-on approach. I have gone to traditional doctors and have not had them touch me once during the entire visit. Dr. Yang touched my stomach where I was having problems so that he could feel what was going on in that area of my body. The treatment is holistic. He also takes the time to understand what is going on in your life that might be contributing to your physical symptoms. He is a loving presence and the place to go for healing!!

 A rear end collision injury
I was involved in a rear end collision.  I went to Yang Health Center to relieve some back pain and swelling of the right leg with pain. I needed a few treatments for the back pain before it was totally relieved.   They used cupping, muscle stimulation, back alignment and acupuncture needles. For my leg, they used acupuncture needles to reduce the swelling and to relieve the pain.

Shoulder pain
I had soreness in my right shoulder to the point that I couldn't get a good night sleep.  I called and explained my pain and they were able to accommodate me that day. They applied acupuncture needles and cupping to ease my pain.  They had me lay face down for about 30 minutes to allow the treatment to take effect.

Chiropractic adjustment
I needed a quick adjustment for my back.  I called and they were able to get me in that afternoon. I arrived at the office and they had me go directly back to the section of the office for back adjustments.  My back is feeling much better.  Every now and then i need to go in for a back adjustment.  i always feel 100% when i leave the office.

Bulged discs 
I have had 4 bulged discs for over a year.  I am down to 1 bulged disc and still suffered from sciatic pain down the left buttocks and leg.  I had put off acupuncture for massage like many stories I have heard.  I worked with Doctor Harry at their offices.  Harry was extremely nice and knowledgeable in my condition and remedies. After 4-5 very personally tailored sessions my lower back and muscles have loosened up greatly! Enough to start stretching some areas that haven't moved for quite some time. All in all, if you suffer from back and sciatic pain from a disc injury, don't put off acupuncture!  And these guys did wonders for me. I will be back for future sessions.

Pain in sore shoulder/upper back/neck area
My husband had been experiencing many sleepless nights from excruciating pain in his upper back/shoulder/neck areas so we called Dr. Yang's office seeking a remedy.  Dr. Yang's front desk staff was able to get my husband in for a same-day acupuncture appointment.  Dr. Yang assessed the problem and performed the acupuncture and cupping to the painful areas.  She told us it would most likely take 2 to 3 acupuncture & cupping sessions to completely alleviate the pain. When we checked out, we scheduled another appointment for two days later.  The next morning my husband said he had slept like a baby (not the norm for him) and the pain had been lessened, but was still bothersome. It did take two more sessions with Dr. Yang, but now the problem areas are no longer a problem and he isn't experiencing any pain.  At the last appointment, Dr. Yang also provided an instructional sheet  with pictures for stretching the problem areas.  My husband is so happy with the results he plans to see Dr. Yang for general acupuncture to improve his overall health. The office ladies also are very friendly and the office atmosphere is very relaxing with traditional Chinese music playing.

Sciatic nerve issue
I go to see Dr. Yang for Acupuncture. I went to see her for a sciatic nerve issue. I started going to her and I ended up not having to have surgery because of her treatment.

Knee and elbow issues
I had twisted my left knee 2 weeks prior and hit my left elbow 3 months prior to my visit.  I was having difficulty lifting a cup of coffee with my left arm without having a pain shoot thru to my shoulder.  My left leg, I was having problems walking up and down steps. Dr. Yang had given me acupuncture treatment to both my left leg and left elbow.  The treatment consisted of electrode treatment along with the needles.  After a 45 minute treatment, I am now able to lift a glass of water without any pain and I can now go up and down the stairs with very little pain.  If my work schedule would permit, I would make another appointment to get rid of the rest of the pain that I have.

Tennis Elbow
Went in for help with Tennis Elbow.   Dr. Yang really listened and went over her recommendations prior to the first treatment.   Since this was my first acupuncture treatment ever - she was very reassuring.  She also reviewed the costs prior to the treatment (no surprises when I checked out!). Received acupuncture and felt significant relief right after first appointment.   Dr. Yang and her assistant made sure I was comfortable.  Dr. Yang said it could take a few treatments, but just getting some relief really made a difference for me.  I will be back for more treatments.  Nice staff and really prompt.

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