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Fonzalo T. Chu  M.D., FACR  (Shoulder Pain, Low Back Pain, Fibromaygia)

I would like to thank you for relieving my shoulders pains with Traditional Chinese Medicine methods of
Acupuncture and Cupping. I have been suffering from constant bilateral shoulder pains, worse on the left, since
the latter part of April. The pains are mostly muscular pain and restricted my arm and shoulder movements. The
muscles, especially the biceps, go into rhythmic spasm and were incapacitating. In western medicine, they probably
represent bursitis or Fibromayalgia. My shoulder X-Rays was normal. I tried analgesics, muscle relaxants and they
were not effective. I tried all exercises prescribed for the shoulder including “frozen” shoulder and they were not
successful.  Fortunately, I found your Web-site and came to you last week for consultation and treatment. After my
first Acupuncture and cupping, my pains were reduced to less than 20% intensity and less than 50% incidence. After
my fourth treatment last Friday, I am now nearly completely normal except for mild morning stiffness which is not
unexpected for a person of my after. (70 years old). They disappeared after my stretch exercise.
The success of acupuncture and cupping treatments for my shoulder pains and success of acupuncture for low
back pain treated almost twenty years ago indicate a fantastic resource for patients suffering from pain using
Traditional Chinese Medicine Methods of Acupuncture. Your expertise and clinical management are greatly

Mark T. Womack (Fibromyalgia)

I suffer from Fibromyalgia which causes pain and inflammation in my body all the time. Unfortunately, Pain
Medications do not work well on me. I have been doing weekly Acupuncture for the past three years. It has
significantly reduced the pain I feel, and restored my quality of life. I am able to exercise again and play more golf.
The Yang Health Center is a real Godsend.