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Yang Health Center
Chinese Acupuncture and Spine Care

Dr. Yang,
I want to thank you for helping heal my carpal tunnel (CT) and now your attention to my sciatica nerve. My doctor
suggested surgery for my CT, but I researched and discovered there is something like a 50/50 chance it could work
and last.  The treatments you have given me have allowed me to continue my online job, as a teacher, pain free.
And now, with proper maintenance from you and care from me, I am 95 percent pain free! Truly, this is a miracle. I
would recommend a good acupuncturist such as you to anyone who wants a natural cure!
Now, I am hoping I have the same amazing results with my sciatica nerve which has been bothering me for several
months. I have seen a 50-70 percent improvement.  I am so glad I found you; I love you. Thank you so much for
being such a wonderful, caring doctor.