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Cyndi B.   (Rheumatoid Arthritis)

I've been coming for acupuncture treatment at Yang Health Center due to the Rheumatoid Arthritis.  After the first
treatment my joints were considerably better.  After the second treatment I was able to cut back on my arthritis
medication which included a daily dose of predisone. Acupunture treatment seems to be working well for my joint

Ann O’.   (Arthritis)

Acupuncture has been a very good experience for me.  When I started I had a lot of pain caused by arthritis
throughout my body.  Now after five sessions most of the pain has gone away; I feel invigorated and have a lot of
my energy back!  I can stand up straight and I am so much better.  I highly recommend acupuncture for pain
control.  Dr. Yang and her assistant are very special.  It has been a great experience.